Cannot add new Security Policy Roles\Change Owner and Roles Manager

The Issue:

I see the roles are grayed out and cannot be changed.

The Reason:

You are not the Owner or the Roles Manager.

The Solution:

First, you need to understand there is a difference between your local AD account and your ControlUp account.

The ControlUp account is used only to login to ControlUp and authenticate your user.

Your AD account which launched the ControlUp Real Time Console is in fact the one which becomes the owner and roles manager once you login (the first user in your organization to login to ControlUp).

We recommend on using an AD group as the owner and the roles manager so you won't get stuck in case the AD account leaves the company or changes roles within the organization.

In order to remove a Roles Manager, it requires starting the console with the local AD account of the Roles Manager or the Owner. (Run as...). That gives you the ability to change the occupants of that role, not which ControlUp account is used in the login screen. 

Once you login with the AD user defined in the owner field, click on the 3 dots button marked below and choose an AD group which contains your ControlUp administrators.

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