Feel Free to Ask for Help

ControlUp's Help ribbon includes the following features:

Check for Updates

Checks whether an updated build of ControlUp is available for download.

Report Bug

Please take a minute to report the issue to our development team should you encounter any unexpected behavior using ControlUp. To do this, use the “Report Bug” option. Feel free to describe the issue in maximal detail and attach any relevant data for us to review. Your report, which you can also send anonymously, will be investigated and processed thoroughly by our engineers.

Note: In order to make your request easier to process, take a screenshot of the condition you would like to report. Click on the Attachments area of the “Report Bug” window and paste the screenshot directly by pressing Ctrl+V or by right-clicking and selecting “Paste.”

Feature Request

Most of ControlUp’s features were developed as a result of requests from experienced systems administrators and other IT professionals. If you feel that ControlUp can benefit from any kind of additional functionality, please feel free to request your desired features and we shall consider including them in our future releases. Make sure to provide a clear and detailed description of your requested feature and attach any relevant data when submitting the report.

Ask the Support Team

Should you have any queries regarding ControlUp, this form allows you to submit them along with any relevant information.

About ControlUp

Presents a window containing versioning and licensing information.

Online Documentation

Links to this online documentation website.

Invite Colleagues

Allows for inviting friends and colleagues to ControlUp.

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