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ControlUp organizations are entities that represent groups of computers managed by the same administrative personnel. Once an organization is created in your network, new ControlUp Users may join the same organization in order to manage and monitor the same environment as the existing users.

ControlUp organizations allow an unlimited number of ControlUp consoles to connect to every managed computer, as long as these consoles have different ControlUp User accounts logged on. All managed computers are configured in a way that permits connections only from ControlUp Users that are members of the same organization. Changing a managed computer’s organization membership is outlined in the “Troubleshooting” section of this document.

Create a ControlUp Organization

During the initial sign up process you will be prompted to create an organization.

Make sure you provide a clear and descriptive organization name, as this will allow future ControlUp Users from your company to easily recognize the organization when they sign in to ControlUp.

Additional organizations can be created directly after the sign in process. Although this can be useful for segmenting your network into administrative units, please note that ControlUp offers a flexible and granular Security Policy which supports permissions delegation within a single organization. Working with a single organization is the recommended practice.

Each managed computer can be associated with a single organization only. Once a computer is associated with an organization, users from different organizations will not be able to connect to it using ControlUp.

Sign in to an Existing Organization

After the first ControlUp User in the enterprise has created an organization, all new ControlUp users in the same Active Directory environment will be automatically signed in to the same organization.

If your network only includes one organization, all users will be signed in to this organization by default. If more than one organization exists, ControlUp users will be presented with the following screen:

An administrator who regularly works in a single enterprise is advised to select the “Always use this organization” checkbox.

Note: All managed computers are configured to permit connection from ControlUp Users which are members of the same organization. This is an important security measure aimed to prevent various “rogue administrator” issues. In Enterprise Mode, you can further harden ControlUp permissions to allow only designated administrators access to ControlUp features. For more information, please refer to the “Security Policy Pane” section.

Create Your Folder Tree

Before adding managed computers to ControlUp, it is recommended that you create a folder tree that reflects the structure of your IT assets. For example, you might want to create a folder for your RDS farm, a folder for file servers and a folder for workstations. You can also create subfolders for different types of servers, for example to separate physical machines from VMs. Keep in mind that a neat folder structure will make it easier to configure stress levels and security policies. In addition, the Folders View will allow you to view aggregated measurements for every folder you create, such as the total number of highly stressed workstations in a selected department.

Note: The settings above are shared within your ControlUp organization. Any configuration changes may affect other ControlUp users in your organization. In case any of your configurations seem altered, please keep in mind that the change could be performed by another ControlUp user on your network.

While it is best to invest several minutes in planning your folder structure before adding managed computers, it is entirely possible to move computers between folders and re-arrange the folder structure at a later time.

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