File Menu

The File menu, located in the top left corner of ControlUp, includes shortcuts to the following functions:

  • Settings – opens the Settings window. For more details, please refer to the Settings Window page.
  • Account Management – opens the Account Management window. In this window you can perform the following tasks:
    • View your ControlUp username
    • View and update your email address, name, and mobile number
    • Re-send the account activation email (if your account has not yet been activated)
  • account_activation_request.png 
    • Manage the mobile devices on which you would like to receive push notifications. For more information, please refer to the Mobile Apps documentation page.
    • Disable or enable email alerts (This option disables all alerts. To disable alerts for specific triggers, please use the Trigger Settings window)
    • Change your ControlUp account password
  • Minimize – minimizes ControlUp to the system tray (notification area)
  • Sign Out – ends the current ControlUp session and launches the login wizard
  • Save Configuration – flushes the current personal ControlUp configuration to the disk
  • Exit – ends the current ControlUp session and closes the console
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