Remote Desktop Pane

The Remote Desktop pane of ControlUp serves as a remote connections manager, using the same folder hierarchy you created in the "My Organization" pane. ControlUp switches to this pane every time you invoke the “Remote Desktop” action from the “My Organization” pane. Besides connecting to computers that belong to your organizational hierarchy, you can also create private RDP connections as outlined below.

Configuring Remote Desktop Connections.

By default, the Remote Desktop pane contains an RDP connection object for every computer you have connected to using the "My Organization" pane. New connections can be added by right-clicking a folder and selecting “Add > RDP Connection” or by using the “Add Connection” button on the Command Bar.

Private vs. Public RDP Connections

When working in Enterprise Mode, RDP connections you create under the root folder named after your ControlUp organization are automatically replicated to your colleagues, just like machines you add in the “My Organization” pane. If you would like to remember an RDP connection for yourself only, create it under the “My RDP Connections” folder. Connections created in this folder are private and do not get replicated.

When working in Standalone Mode, all RDP connections you create are always private, just like computers you add to the tree in the “My Organization” pane.

Every connected computer in the "My Organization" pane has a corresponding RDP connection object in the Remote Desktop pane. The opposite, however, is not necessarily true. When an RDP connection is created manually in the Remote Desktop pane, no changes are made to the "My Organization" pane. Therefore, you should manually create RDP connections if you don’t want (or cannot) connect to these computers using ControlUp. You can also create several connections to the same computer (e.g. with different credentials or using different display settings) using the Remote Desktop pane.

Connection Properties Inheritance

RDP connection objects are configurable in a way similar to Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection (mstsc.exe). By default, all RDP connections in this pane inherit their settings from their parent folder. Therefore, if you configure and save your connection credentials in the properties of a folder in the hierarchy, you will be able to establish all of the child RDP connections without entering your password again. To do so, right-click a folder in the hierarchy, click Properties and then select saved credentials set using the drop-down menu. If this menu is unavailable, clear the “Inherit settings from parent folder” checkbox.

When established, every RDP connection opens a new tab in the Remote Desktop pane. You can switch between these tabs and close them to disconnect active sessions. The “Connections” tab is always available in the Remote Desktop pane. In this tab, you may sort, search, group, and edit your RDP connections in a grid view similar to the grid used in the “My Organization” pane.

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