Export Settings

Using this setting, ControlUp may be configured to auto-export any information grid view to a CSV file on a scheduled basis. This goal is achieved performed by configuring export rules that instruct ControlUp to write the contents of the information grid to the disk.

Note: The export rules you configure in the ControlUp console will only operate when a copy of the console is active. In order to configure ControlUp for continuous export, it is recommended that any export rules will be created on an instance of the ControlUp Monitor service. If you have already configured any export rules using the console, ControlUp will suggest you to move those rules to the first instance of ControlUp Monitor that you install in your organization. For more information on ControlUp Monitor, please refer to this page.

When creating an export rule, the following information should be provided:

Export View The name of the view to be exported from ControlUp’s My Organization pane. Every rule may only export one view.
Days of the week The weekdays during which the export rule should be activated.
Start time Time of day on which the export rule should begin operating.
End time Time of day on which the export rule should stop operating.
Interval A time period that should elapse before a new export file is created.
Output folder The location to which the exported files will be saved.
Delete files older than

The retention period for old export files.

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