Advanced Settings

This tab of the Settings Window defines performance management options that may help conserve system resources on the computer running the console. This can be achieved by configuring the following settings:

Regulating the rate of performance updates

ControlUp can be configured to pull performance updates from the managed computers instead of receiving push updates. This enables a degree of control over the number of updates received by the console, thus decreasing the amount of CPU cycles and RAM required in order to process updates.

Note: It is recommended that you contact ControlUp Support before changing this setting. Our support engineers will suggest recommended values for the data collection parameters after assessing the size of your environment and the available resources.

Disabling process views

The Processes view is the most densely populated view in ControlUp, which may contain millions of records in large organizations. This setting enables you to disable updates for processes, which dramatically decreases the number of records which the console is required to process.

When the “Disable process flat views” option is checked, the Processes, Accounts and Executables views will be disabled and their respective buttons in My Organization pane will be greyed out. This means that you will not be able to see all processes in your organization in a single flat list. However, even after disabling the Processes flat views, you can still view processes for an explicitly selected user session or computer. In addition, you will continue receiving alerts on process-related incidents via ControlUp Monitor Service.

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