How does ControlUp licensing work?

How is the number of licensed objects calculated?

ControlUp can monitor and manage a wide variety of resources/objects in the virtual and/or physical datacenters.

ControlUp continuously counts the total number of objects that are currently being monitored, and requires a number of licenses that adequately cover the size of the environment.

  1. Agent based Managed VMs/Computers – These are VMs and/or computers in which a ControlUp agent is running.
    1. XenApp/TS/RDSH Servers - The number of peak concurrent sessions that are running on the XenApp/TS/RDSH servers.
    2. Workstations / VDI – 1 license per windows workstation, virtual or physical (whether there is a user session or not on that VM/Computer).
    3. Other Windows Servers - 1 license per windows server OS, virtual or physical.
  2. Agentless Managed VMs/cloud instances – These are VMs and/or cloud instances that are monitored via the hypervisor API and/or XenDesktop Broker API and/or cloud connection API with no ControlUp agent running on that VM / Cloud instance.
    1. Agentless Managed VM (Windows or Linux) - 1 license per powered on agentless managed VM.
    2. Cloud Instances (Windows or Linux) - 1 license per running cloud instance.

For example, if you are monitoring a XenApp farm on which 800 user sessions are currently running and in addition you monitor 300 VDI workstations and 400 VMs you will need a total license of 1500 licensed objects.​

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