Does ControlUp support a multi-tenant environment?

The short answer is yes. Our permission delegation and multi Network/AD forest support enable multi-tenancy. ControlUp supports different types of MSP topologies:

  • In a simple scenario, MSPs have a single data center and network that is supported by a single AD forest. As a result, all of the tenants reside on the same infrastructure that is located in the same network and use the same AD forest. This scenario is simple because it acts just like any enterprise that ControlUp supports out-of-the-box.
  • In a more complex environment, MSPs can use a multi AD forest with different networks (subnets) that may or may not be connected. An MSP can have separate forests for each tenant and separate physical locations for each forest. Of course, each MSP works differently. One may have multiple tenants working on the same infrastructure and network while a few other tenants may need their own networks (due to specific security constraints, for example).
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