Branch Mapping

This tab provides the ability to configure a list of IP subnets utilized on your network and map them to names of geographical locations, buildings or organizational branches. As a result of this configuration, ControlUp will be able to assign a source branch name to every user session and populate the “Branch Name” column with this name.

For example, in an organization in which the New York office uses the subnet and the Chicago office uses the subnet, the mapping table should be configured to map those subnet addresses to the branch names. As a result, the Branch Name column of the sessions view will be populated with the value of “New York” for all user sessions established from client IP addresses in the range, and with the value of “Chicago” for the range.

The list of subnets and branch names can be configured manually or imported using a CSV file by clicking the Import button. Here’s an example content of a supported CSV file for reference:

Name,Site,Chicago,Chicago,Amsterdam,Servers Subnet,Test Workstation

If your Active Directory has subnet objects already linked to the sites representing the geographical topology of your organization, you can use the Active Directory Sites and Services to export a CSV file which can be imported directly into ControlUp. To do so, perform the following steps:

  1. Open Active Directory Sites and Services
  2. Expand the Sites container in the tree view
  3. Right-click the Subnets container and click Export List…
  4. Save the file as “Text (Comma Delimited) (*.csv)”
  5. Open the Branch Mapping tab of the Settings window in ControlUp
  6. Click Import
  7. Browse to the file exported in the steps above

In case the client IP address does not belong to any of the subnets configured in the mapping table, the Branch Name column can be left empty or populated with a custom value. This behavior can be configured using the “Unrecognized IP Addresses” area in the Branch Mapping tab of the Settings window.

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