Logon Duration Columns Show N\A


In the ControlUp Real-Time Console, the Logon Duration related columns show N\A.


Possible Reasons:

  • The sessions were already running when the ControlUp agent was started.
  • The computer's OS is Windows XP/2003.
  • Our ETW Provider was stopped or was not installed properly.

Possible Solutions:

  1. Restart the agent and then try to log in. We show logon duration data only for sessions that started after the agent is running.
    Make sure that the ControlUp Agent service goes into running state when the machine boots up. If it's on Manual, it means that the agent is installed in Temp mode. You can read more about it here
  2. We support only Windows 2008/7 and above OSs. Verify the OS version.
  3. Verify ControlUp ETW Collector is functioning as follows:
    On the agent machine, open the Windows Perfmon and check under Event Trace Sessions if the ControlUpLogOnDataCollection is running.



If you have any questions regarding Logon Duration, feel free to contact support@controlup.com.

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