Missing Data in Insights (Proxy Issue)

If you log in to ControlUp Insights, but do not see any data, an error describing an issue uploading data to S3 (insights server) may appear as follows.

This indicates that you do not have access to the ControlUp servers from the server with the ControlUp Monitor service installed, which is preventing data from uploading.

To fix this, enable access to the following servers via https:

  • fe1.controlup.com -
  • fe2.controlup.com -
  • fe3.controlup.com -
  • fe4.controlup.com -
  • US Load Balancers:
    • rt-app.controlup.com -
    • rt-app.controlup.com -
  • EU Load Balancers:
    • rt-app.controlup.com -
    • rt-app.controlup.com -
  • s3.amazonaws.com
    Note: The AWS URL is essential for data upload to Insights. The IP range of the S3 URL may change according to AWS policies.
  • uploads.controlup.com

Note: Customers that use the limited availability 8.x version should add insights-hec.controlup.com:443 as well to the exception list. At the moment, the IP is dynamic for this URL. 


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