The ControlUp Dashboard

"ControlUp dashboard" is a phrase customers frequently ask us about, so we want to explain the two dashboard options ControlUp offers.


ControlUp's Real Time Dashboard -

ControlUp's Real Time Console can be used as a dashboard on a big screen. Customers who have a NOC use this to see the real time status of their servers.

To make the console act as a dashboard, click F11 and fine-tune the rows' height while working in the ControlUp Console.

Here is an example - 


ControlUp's Insights Dashboard

ControlUp Insights is an innovative web-based operational intelligence solution for monitoring and analysing enterprise network environments. It features historical reports that allow for investigating the past behavior of performance counters and other system information gathered by ControlUp Real-time.

For more information about ControlUp Insights and how to set up your environment to benefit from it, read how to upgrade to Insights.

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