“CPU Ready” Column is not showing data

ControlUp Real Time Console present the vSphere CPU ready VM metric in the "CPU Ready" column.

We look at the ‘runstate_full_contention’ metric for XenServer VMs to show the “CPU Ready” state.

However it is not turned on by default, so you will either have to go to XenCenter and add it on the VM Performance tab, or use xe or the XenServer PowerShell cmdlets to turn it on.  

To help you with implementing this, you can use a couple of bash scripts attached to this article, if you do not see them, open the article in a new and separate tab.

The first, counter_on, will turn on any single performance counter (like runstate_full_contention). The second is specifically for disk read/write latency (Don’t forget, you can only get disk latency counters if the XenTools package is installed).


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