How to prevent vCenter excessive logging

Issue Description - 

When monitoring host environment, there is logging activity made by ControlUp. In some cases it might cause the ESX logs to grow.



Cause Description - 

ControlUp Console \ Monitor login to the vCenter and retrieve the hypervisor information and then logs out. The login \ log out process takes place about every 5 seconds.


Solution Description - 

You can change the connection to the hypervisor to be persistent.

To define persistent connection to the hypervisor, first define a data collector:

1. In the ControlUp Console please right click the hypervisor and choose Connections settings

2. By default any ControlUp Console / Monitor will connect to your hypervisor. To save the bandwidth you can setup a relay or data collector.

Please remove the Console / Monitor and choose one of the agents to be the data collector.


Now LVSITARGET03 will collect the data and all Consoles and Monitors will connect to that agent, to retrieve hypervisor performance metrics data (remember to remove console\monitor).



3. Set a persistent connection between the agent and the hypervisor, by editing the registry of the agent's endpoint and creating the following key - 


Then create a new DWORD value named vCenterPersistentConnection and set the value to 1 (0 = default mode / 1 = persistent mode)

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