Meta Frame Events - Event ID 1116



Event ID 1116 or 1106 indicates that printer auto creation has failed in XenApp environments. Reasons for auto creation printer failure are various. However, driver issues are often the main reason for unsuccessful printer auto creation.  In this article we will gather a few useful tips to help admins overcome this error.


  • The print spooler cannot load the driver – this error is usually caused by insufficient privileges on the built-in local user on XenApp Servers ctx_cpsvcuser. The caller which is the Citrix Print Manager Service failed to supply sufficient privileges to call the OpenPrinterW() function. To resolve this issue please refer to the following Citrix article about permissions and entitlements the ctx_cpsvcuser should have.
  • No suitable driver found on the server - this happens when universal printing is not enabled and the correct drivers are not installed on the XenApp Server. This is one of the most common reasons for failure in auto-creation. One viable solution is to change the Citrix Policy setting of “Universal Print Driver Usage” to “Use Universal Printing Only”. Otherwise an installation of the all the drivers on all the XenApp servers may be required.


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