ControlUp action auditing - Event ID 5000


Event ID 5000 Error appears on the Application Log, in the event viewer with the source ControlUp Auditing. This event comes as an error and information. This event indicates weather an action within the ControlUp Console (i.e. Get Session Screenshot, start Hypervisor, power actions, Change XenApp Logon Mode, etc.) succeeded or failed.

If the action was on the agent \ target computer, i.e. Flush DNS, the event will be written in the event viewer of the target computer.

Event ID 5000 appears on ControlUp Monitor as an Error 

Event ID 5000 appears on ControlUp Monitor as an Information 


The audit trail in ControlUp allows admins to track actions that took place in the console (successful and failed). The auditing trail is crucial for admins due to the extensive management actions that are available within the ControlUp Real-time Console. In the current version of ControlUp the audit trail is hard-coded in the product and not yet configurable.




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