ControlUp Modes

ControlUp Hybrid Cloud

ControlUp Hybrid Cloud is the default operation mode for ControlUp, which offers the largest set of available features and the easiest deployment. In Hybrid Cloud, you need to download the ControlUp Real-Time Console and perform some basic configuration steps to start monitoring and managing your resources. There is no need to install and configure databases or other infrastructure components. All the back-end services (such as storage, database, email alerts, and mobile notifications) are provided by ControlUp Hybrid Cloud.

When working in Hybrid Cloud, ControlUp requires Internet connectivity and relies on a persistent connection to ControlUp Hybrid Cloud. Various controls and mechanisms are in place to ensure the security of your data stored in ControlUp Hybrid Cloud. 

The following diagram displays the architecture of the ControlUp Hybrid Cloud mode:


On-premise Deployment

In On-Premises mode, all the back-end services required for ControlUp are installed in the organizational network. This mode is designed for customers who would like to enjoy the features of ControlUp without contacting ControlUp Hybrid Cloud. On-Premises mode eliminates the requirement for Internet connectivity and enables all components of ControlUp to operate autonomously without contacting ControlUp Hybrid Cloud.

To configure ControlUp in On-premises mode, you need to prepare some infrastructure resources, such as a SQL database and a web server, and then download and install ControlUp server components.

On-Premises mode does not include some of the features that rely on ControlUp Hybrid Cloud. For the full comparison matrix of ControlUp operation modes, see the table below.

The following diagram displays the architecture of ControlUp On-Premises mode:



Feature Comparison Matrix



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