DCOM Error - Event ID 10009


Distributed COM (DCOM) extends the Component Object Model (COM) technology to enable applications using a COM server communicate across machines on the network.

COM Server is a dynamic-link library (DLL) or an executable (.exe) file that exposes some functionality to be used by different applications.

Event ID 10009 (Event ID 10028 for Windows Server 2012 and above) indicates that the remote machine could not be found by DCOM, in most cases this error is not fatal.

Might be caused, because the remote machine is not available, either because it is down or there is has no network connectivity, by default Windows Firewall does not allow COM+ network access.

Frequent instances of this error might be caused when trying to perform “Discovery” with “Citrix AppCenter” with the help of a remote XenApp server, and it does not respond for example.

Could also appear because of a remote ControlUp Agent failing to communicate with the ControlUp Console.

User Actions:

  • Verify that the remote machine is up and running, and there are no firewall rules restricting the TCP connection, which uses Extended Remote Procedure Call (RPC) with port 135.
  • Verify that the protocol settings on the machine for DCOM are configured properly.

From the command prompt type, “dcomcnfg”, it will open the Component Services mmc.

In the left pane, expand Component Services, then expand Computers, and right click on My Computer and open Properties.

Switch to Default Protocols tab and ensure that the DCOM Protocols are configured to use “Connection-oriented TCP/IP”.




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