Script Based Actions for On-Premises Mode (SBA's)

Until now script based actions were available only for the online customers, now you can import it to your data base and enjoy all community scripts. If you do not import the SBAs, you will receive an error in the console once you launch it. This is a temporary solution, we will implement the SBAs in the server installation wizard in future release.

The script is part of version 5 package and should be used only in version 5 on-premises implementations.

If for any reason, you do not have it, here is a link to download the SBA script

In order to import the script –

  1. Save the importData.sql script on your SQL server (the script is stored in the “Import SBA DB” folder)
  2. Run it in SQL studio and make sure to define the correct path of the data base backup file (sbadata.bak) and path log.
  3. Once the script finished you will find the scripts in the ControlUp Console under Organizational Scripts in the Script Based Actions


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