Citrix License Usage Report

The objective of this report is to allow the administrator to analyze Citrix license utilization over time. This report will answer questions such as:

  • What was the peak license utilization for XenDesktop during the last month?
  • Licenses for which products are underutilized?
  • Do more licenses need to be purchased for any Citrix products?

By default, the chart displays a line for every licensed Citrix product on your license server.

The following additional functionality is offered by this report:

  • In environments with more than one license server, the first dropdown allows for selecting the server for which the report will show license usage.
  • By default, one line is displayed in the chart for every licensed product, representing the number of used licenses. By clicking on the series names in the chart legend, you can select different products to display. In addition, you can select to display the total number of installed licenses for every product.
  • The products dropdown allows you to select which products will be shown in the chart.
  • Any data point can be clicked to display the average, minimum and maximum license utilization values for the time period represented by the data point.


More details about Data Resolution in Insights Reports can be found here

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