On-Premises daily quota data base update

The Issue:

Each ControlUp customer receive a daily quota of 1000 incidents per day.

In case you crossed the quota, you will notice a red message in the Incidents pane, telling you that you have crossed the daily limit of incidents.



The Solution:

Online customers should follow this article to resolve the issue - Exceed the daily quota of 1000 incidents

On-Premises users can update the daily quota limit by themselves.

In order to update the limit, please open the SQL studio on the ControlUp data base server and run the following script - 

Use ControlUpDB


UPDATE IncidentOrganizations

SET MaxIncidentsPerDay = 100000, PenaltyDateUtc = NULL

WHERE OrganizationId ='e5abf1de-4d91-4357-8c68-e6e99aae5802'



Another option is to manually update the limit in the SQL studio as presented in the following screenshot - 

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