User Sessions Resources Report

The objective of this report is to allow the administrator to analyze resource consumption of user sessions by summarizing performance metrics of all user sessions that were recorded during the selected time period (last 24 hours by default). This report will answer questions such as:

  • What user sessions had the highest CPU consumption?
  • What sessions had the most intensive memory usage?
  • What were the most I/O-intensive user sessions?


The data grid in this report displays the following details for every user session:

  1. User name – the Windows username of the session’s owner
  2. Computer name – the target computer on which the session was established
  3. Session ID – the Windows identifier for the session
  4. Logon time – the time on which the session was established (the beginning of the logon process)
  5. Logoff time – this column might display one of the following values:
  • The time when the user session was terminated
  • “Still Active” if the user session was still active when last detected by ControlUp
  • A timestamp with an information “i" icon means that the exact session logoff time is unknown to ControlUp. For example, this might occur if a user ­session is established on a monitored laptop, and then the user takes the laptop offsite and logs the session off when the computer is not monitored.
  1. Session duration – the time elapsed between the logon time and the logoff time
  2. Active time - Percentage of time during which the session was in the active state
  3. CPU Usage - The total CPU usage for all processes inside the user's session.
  4. RAM Usage - The total RAM consumption for all processes inside the user's session.
  5.  I/O Usage (IOPS) - The total I/O usage for all processes inside the user's session.

The following additional functionality is offered by this report:

  •     The folder selection dropdown allows for focusing the result of the report on a folder in your ControlUp organization. By default, data for the entire organization is shown.
  •     The metrics dropdown allows to choose what metrics to display – average, minimum or maximum. By default, the average metrics are shown.
  •     Any user name can be clicked to display the details of the selected user session by linking to the Session Details report. For more details, see below.
  •     Any computer name can be clicked to display the resource consumption trends of the selected computer by linking to the Computer Trends report. For more details, see below.
  •     All columns can be sorted by clicking on the column header.
  •     All columns can be filtered by clicking the filter icon in the column header.
  •     The number of items displayed in the grid can be controlled by using the “items per page” dropdown at the bottom of the grid.

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