CPU Trace Tool (DotTrace)

I would like to get a CPU trace of the ControlUp console while it is stuck in the Not Responding phase.

Please follow these steps to properly capture a CPU trace:

  1. Download the CPU trace tool (DotTrace) via this link 
  2. Extract the folder to C:\temp on the computer running the console (your VDA)
  3. Install the DotTrace tool using this source file - JetBrains.dotTrace.2016.2.web.exe
  4. Once installed, run the tool as an admin:

  1. Select the relevant console instance under Attach to Process, select the Timeline option, uncheck start immediately and click on Run:
  2. Wait until you reconnect again to your VDA and see the Not Responding issue and then click on Start:

7. Wait until the console is working again (or for 1 minute) and then click on Get Snapshot and Wait:

8. Once the Timeline viewer app finish loading, export the snapshot and save it to disk:

9. You can now exit from the timeline viewer and click on Detach All in the trace utility

10. Upload the exported snapshot DTT file via this link 


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