CPU Trace Tool (DotTrace)

I would like to get a CPU trace of the ControlUp console/Agent while it is stuck in the Not Responding phase or utilizing high resources.

Please follow these steps to properly capture a CPU trace:

  1. Download the CPU trace tool (DotTrace) via this link 
  2. Extract the folder to C:\temp on the computer running the console/agent.
  3. Install the DotTrace tool using this source file.
  4. Once installed, run the tool as an admin:

  1. Select the relevant console instance under Attach to Process, select the Timeline option, and click on Run:
  2. Wait until you reconnect again to your VDA and see the Not Responding issue and/or cuAgent is utilizing a high amount of resources then click on Start:
  3. Wait until the console is working again (or for 2-3 minute) and then click on Get Snapshot and Wait:
  4. Once the Timeline viewer app finish loading, export the snapshot and save it to disk.
  5. You can now exit from the timeline viewer and click on Detach All in the trace utility
  6. Upload the exported snapshot DTT file via this link 


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