ControlUp Logon Simulator Guide

Like its name implies the ControlUp Logon Simulator allows you to simulate user logons using “synthetic sessions” to test the availability and the responsiveness of all the elements taking part in a real user’s login in your XenApp /XenDesktop Environment.

The ControlUp Logon Simulator is designed to communicate directly with the Citrix Storefront store (even through Citrix Netscaler Gateway) via native API’s to:

  • Authenticate via Citrix Storefront.
  • Mimic Citrix Receiver traffic flow.
  • Ensure the availability of the StoreFront Service.
  • Enumerate applications and ensure broker availability.
  • Launch application or desktop sessions against your catalogs.
  • Track key metrics such as connection time, logon time, etc. to ensure a successful end to end connection.

Troubleshooting known issues - 

If the simulator is able to enumerate resources from Citrix and get stuck after having downloaded the ICA file (which can be seen in the test log)  
The recommendation is to Exit from the Citrix Receiver running in the tasktray (next to the clock at he bottom right).
This issue is also likely to occur if the 'Run as' command is used for the Logon simulator or other Citrix sessions have been launched from the PC running the utility.

For more details please refer to our user guide and video clip -

ControlUp Logon Simulator Administrators Guide >>

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