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NetScaler Name Name of the associated NetScaler
Name Name for the NetScaler Gateway virtual server
State Current state of the server
IP Address The IP address on which the service is running
Stress Level Stress Level is a flexible load measure which you can customize using the "Stress Settings" pane.
Current Users Count of user connections to the gateway service
Traffic In Rate of incoming traffic to all NICs on the NetScaler appliance, per second
Traffic Out Rate of outgoing traffic to all NICs on the NetScaler appliance, per second
Requests / sec Rate of incoming request bytes to the gateway, per second
Responses / sec Rate of outgoing request bytes from the gateway, per second
Days Until certificate expiration Days until certificate expiration
Certificate Name Name for the certificate
Certificate Expiration Date Certificate's expiration date
ICA Proxy ICA proxy status
LDAP Administrator Bind Complete distinguished name (DN) string used for binding to the LDAP server
LDAP Server LDAP Authentication server assigned to the virtual gateway
LDAP Server Port Port number on which the LDAP server listens for connections
Policy Name Name for the session policy that is applied after the user logs on to NetScaler Gateway
SSO Domain Single sign-on domain to use for single sign-on to applications
StoreFront Address Web address of the StoreFront server
Port The port on which the service is running
NetScaler Management IP IP Address used to connect to the NetScaler
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