On-Premises - Service Unavailable (503)

The Issue: 

You try to launch the console and receive the following error:2018-01-18_1432.png

The Cause:
The IIS application pools are not available.2018-01-18_1433.pngThe Solution: 

It happens that the service account's (used during the on-premises installation) password change (e.g every 3 months policy).
When the service account's password change the application pool cannot be started.
To resolve the issue you need to change the password for each application pool, and then restart the IIS service, for example:2018-01-18_1435.png

There are cases where you will need to add the service account to the  Performance Log Users local group of the ControlUp Server On-Premises, in order for the service account to be able to start the application code.

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