Moving from On-Premises to Hybrid Cloud

ControlUp users can choose to move from On-Premises to Hybrid Cloud, this actions needs to be coordinated with your account manager in order to achieve this process because there are licensing differences. 

Moving to our Hybrid Cloud will require these following steps:

  1. License change from On-Premises to Hybrid Cloud. (for this step, please contact your account manager or support at
  2. Log in to your OnPremises ControlUp Console
  3. Uninstall all Agents (see screenshot below.) (If you have deployed via MSI, you will need to uninstall via the same method.)
  4. Registry change. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> SMART-X -> CONTROLUP -> AGENT -> PRIVETCLOUD and change the value of "IsUsingPrivateCloud" to 0.
  5. Download the latest Console from our website and launch it.
  6. Login to the same organization that you used on your ControlUp On-Premises environment.
  7. You will need to manually recreate your folder structure and personal settings.

The following image explains how to do it quick and clean:


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