ControlUp Agent deployment might fail due CRL validation.

The Issue:

Installing the ControlUp Agent fails with timeout (screenshot)

After installation of ControlUp or upgrading from previous versions, system can experience difficulties reconnecting to remote agents and due to that, it fails - usually this can happen in closed environment without access to the internet. 



The Cause:

The Agent issues CRL authentication (click here for more information) to the internet in order to validate the certificate and session runs into a timeout due to no answer and internet unavailability.  

Traced packets can revel connection attempt to 

Known IP addresses:,,,, - aka:  IP:                                     - aka:  IP:

Suggested Solution:

To update CTL follow instructions here: 

Microsoft Trusted Root Certificate Program Updates

Microsoft Support downloadable packages 

How to update step by step guide 

The suggested workaround to this issue it to bypass the Agent need to verify the digital signature or update trusted and disallowed CTLs in disconnected environments in Windows.

To manually apply the workaround for this issue: (A text file is downloadable below ready for use.)

  1. Go to C:\Program Files\Smart-X\ControlUpAgent\Version
  2. On the remote machine create a notepad file and name it: cuAgent.exe.config with the following text: 



        <generatePublisherEvidence enabled="false"/>





A text file is downloadable below ready for use. 

 *To view similar issue with installing the Monitor click here to view the article.   


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