How to Backup IOP Activity Files share

The ControlUp Monitor service exports the Activity Files to be used by IOP machine to an SMB share. Once IOP recognizes new files it indexes the data within it's own internal database. After the files are indexed they are no longer needed and should be backed up. ControlUp recommends to zip and save them in a different folder/location (i.e NOT in the Activity Files folder).

 Please note:

  1. The script MUST run on the machine running IOP.
  2. The user needed to run the script is an IOP Admin (the original Admin account).
  3. You need 7zip installed or it's command line version 7za.exe
  4. Please go over the /help section.
  5. Download the script at the bottom of this page.

Example of the Syntax:

Example of the Outcome (moved and zipped to default folder C:\AFB):


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