How ControlUp License Is Calculated?

How's the number of licensed objects calculated?

ControlUp can monitor and manage a wide variety of resources/objects in the virtual and/or physical datacenters.

ControlUp continuously counts the total number of objects that are currently being monitored, and requires a number of licenses that adequately cover the size of the environment.

Note: Sessions and servers you see in Help>About>Licensing is not the computers and sessions you see in the Console under the different views. 

Note: From ControlUp v7.1 licensing method was changed. This article refers to v7.1 and above ONLY

Sessions: (1 license)

  • User sessions - ​(Sessions View) coming up from the RDS/TS servers including System sessions (Which are usually hidden by default and can be seen by checking Display > Show System Sessions) ​
  • XenApp sessions
  • Workstation \ VDI - ​V​irtual or ​P​hysical

Servers: (1 license)

  • Managed Computer (GP​ - General purpose servers like SQL, IIS, Application servers)​ Servers​: Virtual or ​Physical​ ​as long as they run a Windows ​Server OS.​ ​
  • RDS/TS​ Servers​​​

NetScaler Appliances:

  • NetScaler Monitoring ​has a different pricing module. Please refer to [email protected] for more information about pricing. ​
    • There are several flavors for the NetScaler product:
      • NetScaler MPX - 1 license Unit is needed per device or per HA pair of MPX.
      • NetScaler VPX - 1 license Unit is needed per device or per HA pair of VPX
      • NetScaler CPX - 1 license Unit is needed per device or per HA pair of CPX

Cloud Instances: (1 license)

  • ​Each and every cloud running instance

​XenDesktop integration & Agent​​less Managed VMs: (1 license)

  • Agent​​less Managed VMs - These are VMs and/or cloud instances that are monitored via the hypervisor API and/or cloud connection API with no ControlUp agent running on that VM / Cloud instance.
  • Xendesktop Brokers​ - each and every session that will be monitored by the XenDesktop integration module will be counted. However, if that session is already monitored by another data source (e.g.: XenApp server) the session will not be counted twice.​

For example, if you are monitoring a XenApp farm on which 800 user sessions are currently running and in addition you monitor 300 VDI workstations and 400 VMs as well as 5 Netscaler appliances you will need a total license of 1500 licensed objects (800 + 300 + 400) plus 5 Netscaler appliances licenses. 2018-04-26_18-47-44.jpg

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