ControlUp Network Impact & Bandwidth Usage


In ContolUp, the Console & Monitor retrieve data from servers, hypervisors, workstations, user sessions, etc. This action can impact your network bandwidth, though not dramatically as we successfully stick to a very low usage with our ControlUp Agent.

This is the average network traffic communication information - 

Single Agent for Console\Monitor communication channel - 1KBps.

This roughly means that a single ControlUp console will consume the following bandwidth:

  • Console connected to 100 agents- 100KBps
  • Console connected to 1,000 agents- 1MBps
  • Console connected to 10,000 agents- 10Mbps 

For example: 

If you have 5 ControlUp consoles running on a single RDS server, and each console is connected to 1,000 agents the total bandwidth usage for ControlUp on this server would be 5MBps

In edition, in order to optimized performance we suggest to set also a data collector for your Monitor. You can do this in the following article in section 3 in -> Click here

The extensions (Hypervisors, XD sites...) also consume bandwidth but compared to 1,000 agents that should be negligible - around 100-200KBps when working in large environments.

Disabling the Flat Process Views can reduce network traffic between the ControlUp agent to the Console\Monitor by up to 50%. Although processes are available to Monitor when you focus on a specific Computer as demonstrated in the screenshot below:

2018-02-12_14-44-48.jpg 2018-02-12_14-28-53.jpg

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