Moving from Hybrid Cloud to On-Premises

Moving to On-Premises installation will cause a loss to some of ControlUp's Hybrid Cloud features and you will need to arrange additional resources to your network infrastructure. Please review the On-Premises Installation Prerequisites article.

Visit the following article to learn more about ControlUp modes, the deployment and Feature Comparison Matrix chart -> ControlUp Modes

**Make sure to contact your sales person and inform him of this decision as license will need to be changed**. 

Moving to On-Premises will require these following steps:

  • If you wish to keep the current organization name, you will need to save the current configuration file which is located in %appdata%\ControlUp\Configuration folder. Usually the files extension will be *.v4.xml
  • If you want to create a new organization you will need to do the following: 
    • Issue a new organization name.
    • Remove ControlUp Agents from all machines.
  • Contact your account manager or ControlUp Support and inform them that you'll need a On-Premises license file. 
  • New dedicated servers as instructed in installation prerequisites article:
    • On-Premises Server
    • IOP Linux Server
    • SQL Instance or Server

 After completing all of the above:

  1. Remove all agents (ONLY if a new org is being created)
  2. Uninstall the Monitor
  3. Uninstall the Console

Then install ControlUp On-Premises using installation guide.

*When installing the Console, best practice is the assign a dedicated AD group as "Owner". If assigning a user, that user will be "Owner" of that organization. 

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