Changing ControlUp's Color Scheme

In ControlUp v7.1 update, we've introduced a new color scheme for our users but the previous color scheme still exist. This article will explain to you how to change it back and forth.

Regular color scheme


New color scheme


In order to change the color scheme go to: Registry Editor > HKLM\Software\Smart-X\ControlUp\Console

(For v7.1.1.150 build) Create the following key:

  • Value name - LightColorScheme
  • Value Type - REG_DWORD
  • Binary value:
    • 0 - Regular color
    • 1 - New color

 **After this procedure, restart the Console in order for the change to take affect 

(For v7.1.1.158 and v7.1.1.162) Same key but in HKCU instead of HKLM.


Change is also possible via PowerShell: 

For v7.1.1.150 build:

$ColorSchemePath = "HKLM:\Software\Smart-X\ControlUp\Console"
New-Item -Path $ColorSchemePath -Force | New-ItemProperty           -Name LightColorScheme -Value 0

For v7.1.1.158 build:

$ColorSchemePath = "HKCU:\Software\Smart-X\ControlUp\Console"
New-Item -Path $ColorSchemePath -Force | New-ItemProperty           -Name LightColorScheme -Value 0

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