ControlUp integration with HelpDesk or CRM systems

ControlUp monitors your environment and includes a full blown alerts and notifications system, using incident triggers. The integration piggybacks on Helpdesk solutions' ability to open a ticket in response to an incoming email to a designated email address. This means that any event that happens in your environment and is monitored by ControlUp can be configured to open a ticket in your Helpdesk or CRM system. This has been demonstrated spectacularly in this blog post by Samuel Legrand, showing how to carry out the integration with Service Now.

To create your own integration with your local Helpdesk or CRM system, please follow the following steps:


First, choose any trigger type (marked as #2 in the picture above).


Keep clicking "Next" until you reach the screen marked as step 1 above. Click "Add" to add a Follow-up Action.

Choose the "Send an e-mail alert using a local SMTP server" option (step 2).

An SMTP server should be defined in the ControlUp Monitor settings screen, see the following KBs: Online Link (under "SMTP Settings" headline) or On-Prem Link.


Add the target email address (your designated helpdesk ticket creation email address), step 1 above.

Consider adding the trigger name to the email's subject (step 2 above), as it will allow the user to define a constant non-changing text that will appear in each of the emails sent through this trigger (step 3 below).


Please note that each 3rd party helpdesk system (such as ServiceNow, Salesforce, ZenDesk, etc...) should be configured to open a ticket when receiving an email from ControlUp.

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