cuAgent.exe High Resource Consumption

There are few reasons why cuagent.exe can show high resource consumption:

1. Determine if those agent are used as a dedicated data collectors – if so, you'll might need to add more resources or another data collector (each data collector usually can support 2-3 hosts).


2. Test if the Logon Duration is the cause:

1. Navigate to the key: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Smart-X\ControlUp\Agent”
2. Create the DWORD "EnableLogonDuration" and set it to 0.
3. Restart the agent service. 


3. Test if cuagent is not releasing the handle properly:

1. Go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Smart-X\ControlUp\Agent\ExclusionRules
2. Add reg key (REG_DWORD) HandleFreeAll = 1.
3.Restart the agent service. 


4.Disable AppLoadTime feature from the console and set the following registry key:

try the following:  HKLM\SOFTWARE\Smart-X\ControlUp\Agent\AppLoadTime\EnableMeasurement


5. Try running a "lodctr /r" command on the problematic server and then restart the ControlUp agent.

6. Try to salvage the WMI repository by opening CMD and running the “winmgmt /salvagerepository” command. Then restart the server.

7. Download our 'Create process memory dump' script from the Script-Based Actions store and create a dump of the agent process. Once you obtain the dump file, please send it to us for analysis. 

8. Disable Browser URL/Active App and use DotTrace


Contact for more details or if the agent's resource consumption is still high.

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