ControlUp Agent is locking a Process

In rare occasions (planned to be fixed in future version) cuagent.exe might lock a process. This usually happens when something is preventing the agent to release the handle.

To verify it, please do the following:

1. Uninstall or Disable the ControlUp Agent first to verify the issue does NOT happen when cuagent.exe is not running.

2. If cuAgent.exe is the culprit 2 features can be responsible:

  • Application Load Time (#3)
  • Open Handles (#4)

3. Application Load Time:

  • Try to remove the "hanging app" from the Settings screen by clicking on Edit Rule and restart the agent service.
    Uncheck the check box to disable the feature:
  • Disable the App Load Time feature and Browser URL from the Real Time Console.
  • Disable Application Load Time - Manually configure the reg key mentioned below: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Smart-X\ControlUp\Agent\AppLoadTime\EnableMeasurement=0 (REG_DWORD).

4. Open Handles -

  • Run Process Explorer to if indeed cuagent.exe is causing a process hang.
    Download Process Explorer from here and run procexp64.exe.
  • Go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Smart-X\ControlUp\Agent\ExclusionRules
  • Add reg key (REG_DWORD) HandleFreeAll = 1, restart the agent service.


  • Please Note: Once the issue is resolved, you can distribute the key to all machines (using our controllers pane).
    The only affect with the key enabled is that ControlUp won't get the exact process exit time (but we can still estimate it based on the agent query intervals).

Here is how you add Exit Time column to the processes view:



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