Managing IOP Activity Files folder

**This article is for ControlUp On-Premises customers only. 

This article addresses the Activity Files folder only and how to manage it:
As part of the IOP prerequisites, you define a shared folder for the activity files.
If you want to find out the specific location of the "Activity Files" folder, on the ControlUp Server (OnPrem):

Option #1 - Go into the Registry Editor > HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Smart-X\ControlUpServer\IOP and see the path under the 'SharedFolder' key. 

Option #2 - Log into Insights and go to Admin > Settings > Activity Folder. (see example below).


:The files that are located in the Activity folder will look like the following image


Creation and data flow to IOP:

Stage #1 - Approx. every 30-35 minutes, the monitor exports the data it collected to the activity files shared folder. The file's size vary and is derived from number of monitored resources, meaning adding more machines to the console = amount of data rises in IOP.

Stage #2 - The IOP engine detects that new files are located in the Activity folder and starts to index them. 

Stage #3 - Once indexed successfully, the raw data can be found in the IOP DB, located here: C:\Program Files\Smart-X\ControlUp Insights\var\lib\splunk\cuiop

NOTE: If you are experiencing high disk space usage on the Insights machine:

By default, the activity files are NOT deleted. Remember, they are your backup of the data.

Once the files were indexed, they will stay in the Activity Files folder until they'll be managed by the Administrator. Until that happens, the ControlUp Monitor will keep creating files in the Activity folder and after a while, the folder size will increase as well as the number of files in the folder.

The best practice is once every week or two, to execute a backup procedure of the activity files in order to save space in the folder's directory and move the zipped activity files into a different secure location. 

It's important to save the backed up zip files in a secure location to maintain the possibility of data recovery. If something happens to the Insights database \ machine, the Insights can always re-index the activity files again.

NOTE: If the Activity Files files will be deleted - there's no option to recover them.

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