How to Activate your ControlUp License

Congratulations on joining the ControlUp family! 

In the following article, we'll explain how to activate the ControlUp license that you just purchased. We have three deployments types for ControlUp. Online, Offline & On-Premises - each one will be specified & explained. 

When your purchase is done, you'll get an activation code via email from your sales representative and it will include your license type, activation code, transaction ID etc.

The activation code will be in a form of a UUID constructed from 36 characters (incl. the minus signs) e.g.: 4a7b1234-a981-2b5a-a311-9995581dff28


Cloud Deployment

1. Please log into your ControlUp Console, in the upper ribbon pane, please go into 'Help' > 'About' and then select 'Licensing' and then you'll be presented with the main licensing page:


2. Mark "I have already purchased ControlUp" and click "Activate License".

3. Insert the activation code that you've received and click "Activate Online" 


Your license is now activated. When going back to the main licensing page, you should see all the details updated.

NOTE: if the "I have already purchased ControlUp" button is grayed out, it means that you're on On-Premises deployment. Follow the instructions in the section below.




On-Premises Deployment

In On-Premises environments, the license will also be created by the Support dept. Please email us at with following details - 

  1. A ControlUp Server License Request xml file. 
    • The file can be generated by the On-Premises installer.
    • fill in all the details as in the image below and save the request file.
    • 2019-01-07_16-59-10.jpg
  2. The Activation code that you got from your sales representative.

If you just renewed your license, please log into the ControlUp Server and go to: "C:\Program Files\Smart-X\ControlUp Server\Server Settings\ControlUpServerSettings.xml" and see the license path at row 13.

Please send us the license file listed along with the activation code and we'll issue you the new license.


Offline Deployment

 A similar process as the Cloud.

  1. Go into 'Help' > 'About' > 'Licensing'.
  2. Mark "I have already purchased ControlUp" and click "Activate License".
  3. Insert the activation code that you've received and click "Activate Offline".
  4. An 'Offline License Request' form will be presented, make sure all the details are correct and save the file.
  5. Email the 'request' file to and we'll reply with the 'response' file shortly. 



 If you have any further question regarding licensing - feel free to address us at

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