How to Manage Insights Access & Permissions

In this article, we'll learn how to manage the access & permissions for your organization Insights.

In the ControlUp Real-Time Console, in the top pane, go to ControlUp Insights > User Permissions.


Another quick way to access 'Organization Properties' is right-clicking the root folder in the main folder structure and choose Organization Properties. (example below).



In the window above, we'll see all the users that are listed under your organization and, in the right column, who has access to Insights. 

NOTE: If the column is grayed out, it means that you don't have permission to delegate control here.  


In the Security Policy pane, we can delegate permissions for the Organization Properties window.

Go into the Security Policy -> "Perform Wide-organization actions" - and you'll see two permissions associated with Insights (e.g. below) the two permissions and what they stand for is explained further on in this article. 


NOTE: if the permissions in the Security Policy is grayed out as well, you're not authorized to manage the roles. Please go into Settings > Security and see who's the user\group who owns the "Roles Manager" part under the "Manage Roles Collections".


ControlUp Insights - manage access settings - 

This permissions sets who can access the settings window below and change settings regarding Insights such as enabling two-factor authentication, limit access based on IP ranges, Domain suffix & SSO and by that boost the security and tighten it on your Insights organization.

When denying users from these permissions, they will see these settings grayed out.


ControlUp Insights - manage user permissions -

This permission will set who can give\take control to users to access Insights. 

The main function in this window is simply marking\taking off the V on the user you would like to grant\revoke access to Insights.

"Invite Colleagues to ControlUp Insights" is also a part of this permission and that for inviting other users in your organization to access Insights. Note that in order for them to log into Insights, they must be registered to ControlUp which means that they must run the Console exe file and register.






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