How to manage your IOP index size

This article is for ControlUp On-Premises customers only. 

The default size limit of IOP Index (Out of the box) is 500GB (can be configured by the administrator), in most cases the disk doesn't have that much space or not even needed, it depends on 2 parameters:

  1. Size of ControlUp org. - more monitored machines/hosts = more disk space used.
  2. Retention needed - decide on how much retention you want to keep.

To know & calculate your DB size please follow the steps:

  1. Log into your organizational Insights  > Introspection details.
  2. Look at the "Max daily index volume during time period" - that will show you how much data you're indexing per day. 
  3. Go to Settings > Index Management. There you'll see the Max DB Size which can  be configured.
    For example, in a case that you're indexing 400MB~ per day and you want to have 6 months retention saved. 400(mb) x 180(days) = 72,000 = DB will need to be 72GB~. 
  • Once the DB is at the maximum capacity (72GB) it will automatically delete old files (older then 6 months as set) 

  • Deleting files manually by a user is NOT recommended. 

  • Note: Activity folder can grow up to 30% more then what you set as maximum DB size. There are 2 more types of data used by IOP: "Data Model" and "Acceleration files".

  • Then the total free space you should have on your disk is: 72 x 30% = 94GB

The DataModels is also in the Settings tab and acts as a warm DB. Data in this DB is saved in order to retrieve it more quickly then older data. 

By clicking on "Set acceleration period" you're able to choose how much you want your data models to hold back. 

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