Does ControlUp Supports vCenter 6.7?

The answer is yes!

In April 2018 VMware introduced to vCenter v6.7 and following that we adjusted and we are now supporting this version in our Console! 

**This article is referring to Hybrid Cloud Consoles v7.1.1.162 and up.

In order to integrate vCenter 6.7 with your ControlUp, you'll need to add the following regkey on the Data Collector. 


Data collector path:

Path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Smart-X\ControlUp\Agent\ExclusionRules

  1. Value name - TLSSupport
  2. Value type - REG_DWORD
  3. Value data - 1 (decimal)

 If the connection is not working, switch to the .NET 4.5 agent instead of 3.5. You can download the MSI files from this link.

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