Update On-Premises Script Based Actions

In v7.0 you have added the SBAs to your ControlUp database. The following explains how to import the latest SBA’s updates:

  1. Download the files located at the bottom of this article. 
  2. Right click the zip files and choose "Properties"
  3. Check the  box that says "Unblock" and click "OK"
  4. Extract the powershell module Import-SBA.zip to a folder on your on-prem server
  5. Copy the ZIP file containing the SBA’s (SBA26062019.zip) to a folder on your on-prem server
  6. Open powershell as Admin, on your on-prem server and run the following commands (Console should be closed):
    1. Import-Module "Path_to_the_extracted_directory_from_Import-SBA.zip\Sba.PowerShell.dll"
    2. Import-Sba -SourcePath "Path_to_ZIP_file_containing_the_SBA's\SBA26062019.zip"
  7. Once the Console is installed and launched you will see now that the SBAs are up to date.

Another option is to run the .sql script ( SBA26062019.zip ) linked here, just run it against the ControlUPDB SQL DB, it will truncate the entire SBA directory and replace with the new versions of the Scripts.

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