'Processor Queue Length' column displays ERR

The Issue:

The 'Processor Queue Length' column displays ERR in the ControlUp Real-Time Console.



The Reason:

The ControlUp Agent is installed using the .Net 3.5 and in foreign language e.g. German, Norwegian & Swedish, the .Net framework is having an issue translating the values and reporting it correctly. 

The Solution:

 Deploy .NEt 4.5 and it should solve the issue. 

If you want to install an MSI with .NET 4.5 to test - you can download the MSI via this . (Note that you're downloading the correct version as the one you're currently using and that it is a .NET 4.5 MSI. 


Until v7.3, during deployment of the agent, the Console is using 3.5 by default. From v7.3 going forward, the Console is deploying 4.5 by default so it's recommended to use the latest version. 

If you're using v7.2 and below and want to deploy 4.5 via the Console - perform the following: 

  1. Go to Regedit > HKLM\Software\Microsoft\NET Framework Setup\NDP\v3.5
  2. Right click on v3.5 > 'Export' > save the key in a secure location.
  3. Delete the v3.5 folder\key.
  4. Install the Agent via the Console 
  5. Verify that installed agent is 4.5 by going to Tast Manager > Details > cuAgent.exe > 'Description' column will state 'cuAgent (.Net4.5)
  6. Open the exported registry key and get it in place. 
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