Security Policy - View Only Role

If you would like to grant a user permissions to access the Console and view systems and real time performance data, you will first need to create a Security Role for that user or an AD Group. 

(See the article on Security Policy for details about how to do that.)

Once you have configured a "View Only" Security Role, you can set the following permissions to grant users the ability to view real time data, but not perform impactful actions. 


Organizational Actions
-Launch Controllers
-View Incidents
-View Events
-View All Hypervisors
-Use Shared Credentials
-Connect to Data Source

Run Computer Actions**
-Connect to Computer
-Event Viewer on Remote Computer**
-File System\Monitor File System**
-Installed Software\Display Installed Software**
-Installed Software\Display Installed Updates**
-Registry\Monitor Machine Registry**
-Services\Monitor Services**

**Optional "View Only" Settings that may require Remote Admin Privileges




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