vSAN Prerequisites

ControlUp enhances your monitoring and troubleshooting toolset by introducing monitoring of vSAN-based datastores. In VMware vSphere environments, vSANs are becoming more and more popular. ControlUp leverages vSAN API to gather vSAN metadata and metrics, enabling for fine-grained visibility into the configuration and activity of your vSAN infrastructure.

For vSphere hypervisor connections that contain a vSAN configuration, ControlUp will seamlessly detect vSAN objects and display related metrics in Datastores, Datastores on Hosts and Folders views. Using ControlUp to monitor vSAN, you will be able to troubleshoot all the way from datastore level, through virtual disks and into the guest VM activity to pinpoint the workloads (users or applications) involved.

So how do I get started with vSAN?

vSAN information will be displayed automatically if you already have a vSphere connection, along with the prerequisites listed below:

System requirements for the Data Collector*:

  • PowerShell minimum Version 5.0 (with RemoteSigned execution policy)
  • VMware PowerCLI 10.1.1.x
  • .NET framework version 4.5

vSAN Requirements:

  • vSAN Performance service should be turned on.
  • The user account configured for the hypervisor connection requires the "storage.View" permission.
  • Special Characters not supported for the account password (characters like $ and @).

Note: By default data collection is performed by the console. If you have installed monitors or data collectors in a different location (recommended for large environments), these prerequisites should apply to them as well.

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