Monitoring Your vSAN via ControlUp


Starting with ControlUp v7.3 you can add your vSAN infrastructure into the organization and monitor it. Each host in a vSAN cluster will be shown and these storage devices combine to create a single vSAN datastore which will be presented in details in the Real-Time Console. 

ControlUp Console with vSAN datastore:



  • System Requirements (on data collector\default*): 
    1. PowerShell from v5 and above.
    2. PowerCLI 10.1.1.x
    3. .Net framework from version 4.5 and above.
  • vSAN Requirements for the user that you connect with to vCenter:
    1. Performance service should be enabled and turned on inside the vSAN cluster.
    2. The user needs the permission called: "storage.View"
    3. The user must set PowerShell execution policy to allow PowerShell scripts to run. Procedure: run the following command:  Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned. (usually applied to the machine that is the data collector).

*The best practice is to have a dedicated data collector instead of the default which is the Console/Monitor. Using a dedicated data collector increases scalability & performance.

Adding your vSAN to the organization

To see your vSAN information, simply add a VMware hypervisor. You can use the following article that explains how to Add Hypervisor.  <-

After connecting to vCenter, ControlUp-Console first checks for each cluster if vSAN datastore is existed and enabled.

Finding vSAN information in the Console


While focusing on a vSAN cluster, vSAN dedicated presets will be displayed in the relevant views:

  • Folder view- vSAN Cluster.
  • Datastores view - vSAN Performance.
  • Datastore On Host view - vSAN Performance.

Also, we have dedicated columns for vSAN on those presets, if you wish to see the description of those columns, simply hover on top of the column with your cursor and a tooltip will be shown. You can also see the description via the 'Manage Columns' ribbon.

More about the integration & troubleshooting issue in vSAN can be seen in the following video:




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