Outlook OST files are locked by the ControlUp Agent.

The Issue:

We have seen cases that in certain environments, our agent (process: cuAgent.exe) is having issues with closing an open handle it has to get the process exit time. 

Users in the organization may come across with the following MS message:


This is common when using our Application Load Time & Browser URL features since the engine under those features are scanning the processes that are being monitored. The Outlook is an app which we by default monitor the load time.

You can use Process Explorer to verify this. In the image below we can see the following-

  1. We're RDPing to the machine that has the suspended outlook process. 
  2. We've verified the PID = 24024 as well as the user. 
  3. Via Process Explorer, we viewed the open handled (button marked in red).
  4. We can see that the process with the matching PID is held by the agent. 


The Solution:

Implemented the following registry key on the machine with the ControlUp Agent installed.

  • KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Smart-X\ControlUp\Agent\ExclusionRules
    • DWORD (32-bit) Value.
    • Name: HandleFreeAll
    • Value: 1

 A restart to the agent must be done to apply the changes. 

NOTE: this key shouldn't be applied via GPP\GPO since there's a chance that it will get applied after the agent process went up.

This registry key "tells" the agent to NOT open a handle to each running process (by default, we do have an open handle to each process). The handle is used to obtain the process exact exit time.

With the key enabled, we don't have the exact process exit time (but we still guess it based on the agent query interval.



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