Monitor Error: "Error with saving file to local disk"

This article is for On-Premises customers only.

The Issue:

  • The Monitor is showing red in the On-Premises Console. 
  • The Monitor is experiencing issues writing the Activity Fils into the SMB dedicated share. 

The Cause:

There could be a couple of reasons which each is different-

  1. The drive that the Activity Files folder resides on, has a disk space issue. 2019-05-22_10-00-27.png
  2. The configured Activity Files folder path is invalid\moved\removed so the Monitor can't find it.2019-05-22_09-32-56.png
  3. The AD account that the Monitor is using, doesn't have the right permissions.2019-05-22_14-01-57.png

The Solution:

(numbered according to the previous section)

1. Locate the Activity Files folder. The disk that it resides on, is probably is out of space. 

  • If you do not know the exact location of the folder, you can see it in the Insights website by going into Admin > Settings > Activity Folder.
    • Another option is to go to the OnPrem server - go to > Registry Editor > HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Smart-X\ControlUpServer\IOP and there you'll have the 'SharedFolder' key. The path in that key will be the location of the Activity Files folder.
  • Refer to the How to Backup IOP Activity Files share article to move, zip & clean the folder. 
  • As a temporary option, add space to the disk and then the monitor will continue to write files there. NOTE that the folder will keep growing unless you maintain it properly. More information can be found here Managing IOP Activity Files folder

2. Re-create the Activity Files folder and assign the right permissions.

3. Verify that the AD account that the monitor is using has the permission it requires. 


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