ControlUp Monitor Alert - no Monitor activity

If you received this alert it means that your ControlUp Monitor service is either not running or cannot connect to our servers.

Please check the following:

  • Login to the Console and check the monitor's status, when working properly it should have mceclip0.png icon and status should be running:
  • If the status is not running, please try to restart the monitor's service, if you can't get it to run please contact
  • If the status is Running but still failed to upload:
    Then please verify the machine running the monitor service can access our servers:
    • US Load Balancers:
      • -
      • -
    • EU Load Balancers
      • -
      • -
    • *
  • You can read more about it here: Missing Data in Insights (Proxy Issue) or just contact us at
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